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Picture This!

kitchenListing photos may be one of the most important marketing efforts that lead to a potential buyer.

Nearly all buyers use the Internet during the home search process. They usually start looking at homes online before they contact an agent. It’s far more efficient to screen properties by looking at the pictures that have been posted than to make appointments with each homeowner, drive all over town and waste a lot of time looking at homes that would never meet a buyer’s criteria.

  • There needs to be enough pictures of a property to adequately represent the home. Most websites allow for at least 24 and more may be needed if it is a large home.
  • Take horizontal shots to accommodate the format of most listing websites.
  • The pictures should be well-lit so that it is easy to see all of the features of the room. Natural light is preferred over the limitations of flash.
  • They should be taken with a wide-angle lens so that you can see the majority of the room in one picture.
  • Large rooms can be taken from different angles to give the buyers a different perspective.
  • Rooms should be set if not staged prior to taking the pictures, so they will give the buyer an idea of what the room might look like with their own things in it.
  • Arrange pictures in website to help buyers visualize the floor plan as if walking through it.
  • Think about using a tripod to hold the camera still.
  • Pictures should definitely not be “photoshopped” to modify factual elements like removing power lines.

As photography can be one of the most important marketing efforts, consider using a professional to show the home to its best advantage.

When you list with me, know the photographer I use is a true pro who will not only take stills but a virtual tour to give buyers an even better view of your home!

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