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Why Homebuying Starts with the Agent

It takes a team of professionals to buy a home like the lender, the appraiser, the inspector, the property insurance agent, the title officer, and others, but the real estate professional may play the most critical role.

Baking bread seems so simple.  There are only four ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, and water; yet, there are steps that should be followed as well as a certain sequence to get the proper results.  Some people mix all of the dry ingredients before adding the hot water to activate the yeast.  Other people will activate the yeast in the warm water first to allow it to “bloom.”

Both methods can achieve satisfactory results, but one knowledgeable person needs to be in charge of the bread instead of having multiple people to be concerned with just their one ingredient or contribution like mixing, kneading, fermentation, benching, shaping, proofing or baking.

Similarly, in a home purchase, the buyer’s agent can be the one who puts things in the proper order and sees that no steps are missed. He or she coordinates between the other professionals with the common goal of getting the home closed on time according to the terms agreed in the sales contract.

Even if a buyer has been through the process before and possibly, multiple times, the agent will most likely have far more experience because he or she performs this job on a daily basis and is not personally or emotionally involved like a buyer is.

As your agent, I understand what and when the various steps should be done and by whom.  I have worked with enough of the other professionals to know who is good at their job and can offer recommendations.  I have seen the things that make a transaction go smoothly and what can derail one.

Experience is a great teacher, but the lesson does not have to be learned by going through it by yourself.  Learn more about the process and different steps by downloading the Buyers Guide.

Take the luxury of using my 34 years of professional experience acquired through years of study and practice. Allow me to advise you and coordinate the efforts to achieve the results you are expecting and deserve!

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